Modica, in the province of Ragusa, is a little paradise late Baroque, risen from the ashes of the disastrous earthquake of 1963.

Capable of preserving the signs of its ancient past, has been declared a World Heritage Site, along with the other towns of Val di Noto.

Of ancient origin, it is called a presence already in the VIII sec.a.C. of the Sicilians, he was one of the richest and most ancient territories of Sicily, in fact, the county of Modica -fondata in 1296 - extended his domains up to Alcamo, Caccamo and Calatafimi, ie a quarter of the Sicilian territory. Was "Regnum in the Kingdom".

The city - home to Salvatore Quasimodo - is rich in Baroque masterpieces and art treasures scattered in churches and magnificent palaces.

To be seen:

  • Mother Church of San Giorgio
  • St. Peter Cathedral, is another example of high Baroque style
  • the fourteenth-century S. Maria del Gesù Church, with a beautiful cloister and a convent that once belonged to the Franciscan friars
  • Palazzo Polara, located at the church of San Giorgio, one of the examples of civil architecture in Modica
  • Castle of the Counts of Modica, an example of military architecture, very old fort headquarters and prison, located on a cliff in the shape of an eagle's beak
  • the Clock Tower - relevant to the area of ​​the Castle - dating back to 1725 and operated every 24 hours; is a purely mechanical device and its gears still work perfectly.
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