Among the most important centers of Syracuse, Palazzolo Acreide boasts an ancient history, dating back to the Corinthians of Syracuse who founded it in 661 BC.

Mentioned by ancient historians, it is mentioned by Thucydides, Livy and Silvio Italico who narrated the vicissitudes.

In its history there are the Byzantine and Norman dominations. Since 1104 they alternated several baronies to finish the Ruffo di Calabria Principles.

Everything remain beautiful architectural examples: from the charming greek theater - prestigious monument defined by Paolo Orsi "Theatre of the sky" - the Byzantine baptistery. The Greek Latomie, Roman and Christian, to the famous Santoni - representing the largest complex of figures relating to the cult of Magna Mater that the ancient world has left us. Equally significant churches, palaces and its eighteenth-century neighborhoods.

Finally, the house museum "A. Bird", center of collection of testimonies of folk traditions and peasant very interesting ethno-anthropological.

Noteworthy also folkloric events from the live nativity scene at Christmas floats of Carnival. Numerous religious events, including festivals of the patron St. Paul and St. Sebastian which are distinguished by uniqueness and magnificence. In May, the greek theater welcomes the International Festival of Classical Theatre of young people.